Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Oak and the Acorn

Waited for sunlight
Waited for daybreak
A piercing gaze to set me free

Shadows crawl around
I am not alone
Stains of light ethereally near

The heavy hands are locked
The hour never comes
To force a dawn past infixed always

To photograph this moment
Would suffice to show all moments
Of my rounded eternality

Different is a harlot
Trying to turn new grooves
But all bites speak from crooked teeth

I awoke again to many
Tomorrow may be one
But it's been forever many

Blue to red to white
Black to gold to grey
All unfine while all still pale

Once you sing anew
I will hurried go
To keep you from a doubling back

I see the shiny leaves
From within my grassy pane
Seen and stuck, death and seed

(Does the oak envy the acorn?)

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